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There has been a lot of debate on the best beat making software available on the market today. Wright: I've learned over the years how to refine my beats and make room for artists and simplify Rick Ross type beat everything and just know what people are gonna like a little bit internet stuff you kind of have to pull back a little bit and make stuff that people are already comfortable with.
Manchester-based producer Menace famously sold Desiigner the beat for Hot 100 #1 Panda (which was a Meek Mill Type Beat”) for $200 on SoundClick However, there is a philosophical divide between the first two generations of hip hop and the modern third generation of rappers and producers who are utilizing the type beat approach.

The group's sounds have powered some of hip-hop's biggest records in the past couple years, from Rich the Kid's "Plug Walk" and Juice WRLD's "Lucid Dreams" to Drake's "Blue Tint." The group is helmed by Taz Taylor , a Florida native who — true to his collective's name — has accumulated a fortune primarily through the internet.
On the other side of the conversation, people like to say, Producers nowadays just mimic beats and then put them online. The beats should also make a pleasing sound along with vocals and other instruments. Juice hit him up on Twitter looking for a producer, so Sidepce checked out his Soundcloud and really liked his music.

If you have a relationship with the producer, he'll probably toss you some extra beats for free, or let you have a free beat from time to time. Selling 30$ for anmp3 of the beat, 50$ for awav and 300$ to 1500$ for a lease, for a production time not exceeding over 2 hours… sounds like a pretty solid deal.
S.I.K.: In the beginning, I was inspired and making these really dope beats and they were so intricate and so artistic, there was no place for the rapper to rap on them. The rap beats should fit the song properly or else the combination will not be good. Dez Wright: Back then, Soundclick was the biggest website and there were a couple main producers—Superstar who's worked with Wiz Khalifa and T-Pain and Johnny Juliano—who were really the frontrunners of it. YouTube wasn't the cool thing yet.
2. Decide if you want the hip hop beats for sale for promotional use or you plan on releasing and selling it for profit. When it comes to beat selling, your target market is new and upcoming artists and rappers. As soon as I started making them, I thought, I'm about to sell all my beats for 99 cents, make a bunch of money, and people are going to listen to them.

2. The software type - with this type you do not just have the ability to make drum beats, they also offer a wide selection of sounds, programming, sampling, looping and synthesizing capabilities and many other features needed in music production. With every beat you rap on, take your time with it. Make sure that every word you spit has your heart in it and do what you need to in order to make you song your own.
Software means programming for various applications like graphics, media players, gaming as also production of music beats. It is absolutely essential that your beat be about two to four measures long in order to create a solid foundation for you new hip hop beat.

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