LAS VEGAS — Massive-box stores won't be the only ones offering discounts to consumers in Las Vegas this Black Friday. Beginning 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, July 1, 2017 Las Vegas residents and tourists, 21 years or older, can legally buy Cannabis products Las Vegas Dispensary from the Essence-Strip and Essence-West areas. Media are invited to broadc… Read More

I wanted to acquire a stun gun to keep with me in my car for security. I am not simply comfortable with keeping a pistol and assumed a stun gun would be a great strategy to protect myself and keep within my car in the event I would need it. I went online and started looking for one. I found a very nice stun gun with superb reviews. It had been also… Read More

Whenever speaking about survival gear, the first thing which pops up to mind are the different forms of knives that you would need to be able thrive in the wild, but then McGyver comes to mind and you can’t help but imagine the only thing you will require to survive outdoors is a handy dandy Swiss knife. We'll you can't blame people.Nonetheless,… Read More

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Do you need a means to protect yourself ? We all do. Here is why you ought to get a Taser for defense. It is strong enough to knock a criminal down and keep them subdued sufficiently long for you to move out. Quite simply, it is not lethal and won't cause severe harm to a bad guy. Nonetheless, it is strong enough to protect you and your family and … Read More