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We realised early on that websites needed to make sense for people first, not search engines. As nice as it is ranking in first position 1, if your website is hard to use or understand you’re not going to make any money! We take the time to work out exactly where your website needs improvement and create a tailored strategy to target these areas. It’s for this reason that we tailor our campaigns and set up specific goals from the start.
Each month we’ll update you on the performance of your SEO and adjust as needed to keep things headed in the right direction. Research shows that compared to other methods of generating leads, SEO provides the cheapest cost per lead when in a dominant position in search results. Search SEO Gold Coast Engine Journal reports that inbound leads close at a rate 7x that of outbound lead generation methods. Meaning that you can get more leads at a cheaper rate with less work. We are focussed on delivering world class results, and are considered the best SEO Agency in the region.

This is not something that we want for you, but if you had a negative experience with a different SEO agency in the past, we are glad to help you now. Yes, clearing your brand name can be difficult, but we have tactics in place to resort to. Our people will browse your website, make note of everything that went wrong and propose the best plan of action for penalty recovery. GWM SEO Gold Coast is highly ethical and never resorts to shady tactics because we know that they don’t bring long term results.
Through a positive experience and highly collaborative approach, we’re a Gold Coast SEO company that ensures you’re on track to success. We will do a confidential full audit of your current online visibility to best determine the most cost effective digital marketing strategy for your business. If they did know SEO they would be coming to you with the idea and your site would already be ranked. There are many businesses out there that blow their budget on an expensive website and have no money left for SEO and hope that somehow their potential clients will find their website.
He or she can also fix and redirect broken links and re-optimize or rehash old content to make sure you keep your high rank in Google’s search results. He or she will make sure that your website keeps up with the latest rules and techniques and do not lose rank to the competition. The more high-quality backlinks you have, the better it is for your rank. This means that when your prospects perform a search in a Search Engine – most importantly, Google – you will want your website to rank amongst the top positions on page 1.

This allows our consultants to do proper competitor analysis and keyword research. From here we hone down on a list of target keywords that not only are in line with your service offering, but also actually have search volume. At SEO Gold Coast, we understand that it sounds ridiculous to suggest keywords with no search volume. Despite this, it’s a common trick for SEO companies to provide keywords with little or no search volume in a bid to achieve easy results.
This is especially beneficial for smaller businesses that still don’t have a large enough workforce. We specialise in a variety of onsite and offsite optimisations that can help your site rank higher, improve user experience, and make it more functional. SEO will make sure that your website receives adequate traffic, evolving your business to be a brand, with the right kind of exposure and a driving force of inquiries and sales. It’s time to re-think your marketing strategy by incorporating SEO into it. We witnessed growth in our organic traffic, our conversion rate and most importantly growth in our business. Speak to the team at Clickmatix, if you want your business to grow.

What a wonderful and professional service provided, especially during the Covid Pandemic. We’ll let you know what’s happening and how your campaign is performing every step of the way. You’re the first to know when things are going well, and when they don’t. Put your trust in our team of experienced SEO technicians and strategists and we’ll be by your side to see you through to success. If you’re new to the whole SEO thing, come and have a chat with us!
Great SEO will deliver long term results and grow your business by improving your visibility online. Search engine optimisation with success takes years of knowledge and experience to gain. To run the best SEO campaign, our local search experts conduct a full audit of your website structure; it’s content and relevance. Then we spend the time formulating a roadmap of success to increase your website ranking. We have built our SEO with the principles of inbound marketing in focus.
It’s Google’s way of ensuring the search results stay fresh and up-to-date. As the service is charged monthly on a retainer, our goal is to generate a significant return as quickly as possible so it remains part of your ongoing marketing budget and the spend is easily justified. We demonstrate value not only through improved rankings and search visibility but also through conversion tracking. This means we can track where your sales or inquiries come from and breakdown the return-on-investment.

We maintain a curated list of evidence-backed approaches that work. Any strategy we are willing to use on your website, was first tested on our own. You know that you are in good hands, because anything we will recommend for your website, was first tried and tested on our own. "Content is king" is not just a catch phrase, there is real meaning behind it - your website needs text. Search engines, just like your human visitors, need context to accurately rank your website and its pages for the keywords that your prospective customers use to find your business.
For instance, fine dining may not be so big in one postcode, but across the city, it could be huge. It pays to research your target market and the type of engagement you can expect. This way you can tailor the content to reflect the users’ needs, wants, desires and interests – all according to their location.

SEO refers to all activities conducted in order to maximise the amount of traffic a website receives, thus ensuring it appears high in search results. At GWM, we offer our clients both on-page and off-page SEO services. GWM SEO team has been on the pulse of the digital marketing industry for years and are capable of determining what is best for your business, even though this is an ever-changing field. We know that search engines have their own set of rules that need to be followed, but learning them all is not enough.
Irrespective of your business type, age or niche, if you are looking for a way to enhance your local or national search visibility, we can help make it a reality. For every Gold Coast business that we work with, our goal remains consistent — to increase visibility and skyrocket the quality and number of leads that our clients’ receive online. A 2010 study revealed that on-page keyword usage remains the most significant on-site ranking factor. It’s essential to carry out thorough keyword research and implement the findings across your website. Keyword intent, difficulty, search trends, and competitor keyword analysis will determine which keywords we target for your SEO Gold Coast campaign. SEO is entirely dynamic, as a specialised team of SEO specialists; it is our job to know where the Google algorithm is going and make changes to your site that will improve your organic search visibility.

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