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I love all of the Lalique mens' scents and will always have a bottle of each on hand. Oh, Grey Flannel is such a wonderful scent. You don't smell it in the US much these days either — but once upon a time, knew lots of men who wore it. All sales are final, we are a perfume sampling company - letting you try perfume before you invest in a bottle. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any product that you do not like. If you are new to perfume or wanting to break out of wearing the same scent, try our starter sampler packs so that you can find the perfume that works for you.
A vetiver celebration sounds like such a nice idea! I might have to take a bath with my homemade vetiver salts today to top it all off.

I've also tried the A L'Extreme version which to me, is a more woody and warm experience. Both are arguably more wearable than the original but I feel I can wear all 3 as I love Vetiver in it's raw form. Encre Noire is a suspicious, mystifying, and magical perfume to seek sensual pleasures.
A few reviewers have described this as smelling like depression which, while I respect their opinion (it made me buy it! Thanks!!), is not a place I quite get to. To me it smells like a man who has embraced a certain sadness, but still moves forward with a sense of survival and optimism. The woods that come from the skin for 8+ hours suggest a contemplative depth. I see this as a scent associated with books and learning. I see a man lost in thought, walking in the woods then back to a warm den to solve a life problem with help from long-dead philosophers. This scent suggests a connection with the past that is able to live in modern times and keep up with the news.

Had it not been for the instant amazement , I might as well have stopped buying more perfume – because, frankly, I already felt a bit of guilt at four bottles. But Encre Noire simply redefined my notion of 'perfume'. A new domain of beauty opened up, and I couldn't stop at the gates. Not the postcard kind, but the original one, with wuthering heights and icy Caspar David Friedrich twilights.
This is to my nose mainly the cypress and smoke. I like the scent profile and development but it is an EDT so the performance can go shy quite quickly. A very particular scent for a cologne, I have never encountered anything similar. I feel like the man who wore this would automatically stand out because of its uniqueness, it lacks any zestiness, that aftershave-like note that most colognes have.
They must have reasoned that the ladies need fruit and flowers, and Encre Noire was refashioned by perfumer Christine Nagel as a soft musky scent. Like any well-crafted perfume, Encre Noire is beautiful from all perspectives.

Encre Noire , if I could, I would write with it. Encre Noire by Lalique is an enigmatic fragrance, a tale told to a tenebrous, elegant man. It's a woody adventure with vetiver for a hero.
It’s how an abandoned bonfire smells like. Wood of coniferous trees has that peppery smell of a burned resin when it cools down-that’s what you’ll be spraying yourself with. The first spray was a bit too smoky and reminded me a bit of an ashtray.

I'm not even into very woody fragrances, but this one definitely gets to me. The opening is nice and sharp, and the musk in the dry down just melts me. I spray this in all my scarves and it'll linger for weeks. If you're looking to build a fragrance collection, this is only like $30 for a 100mL bottle. There's absolutely no reason not to get it. The smell or the scent is absolutely gorgeous to my nose.
Dark and lifeless, reminds of a white floral at times, suprisingly people love to smell this especially during winter, goes great with a full black outfit. Not my note, but it's a good quality one, tart, woody, realistic.

Performance and sillage are very good to excellent. But try it before you buy, this isn't a mainstream fragrance. It feels like this is near useless to me, good but useless. A cold forest under a cloudy sky, a time to reflect. On the dry down it goes to freesia and snowdrop, if I would smell the colour "cherryblossom pink" this would be it. Not a big sillage, it stays put and makes heart happy.
A great fragrance for everyday it you are the type of guy who does not like to smell like everybody else. Very, very, very vetiver, so if you like this woody, grapefuity ingredient it will work for you. On skin, a good sillage lasts 5-6 hours for me, especially wearing thinner shirts. Overall, I get about 9-10 hours of wear, where the drydown goes clean and airy, a stark contrast to the thick, inky opening and heart. Only downside is, I'm not a fan of how it smells sprayed straight on clothes—it's incredibly linear, and you only get the top and heart notes.
but for ~$25 a bottle, you wont smell like others around you. I love this smell, and honestly, for me this is a work of art. I don't, however, wear this very much anymore. The same is true of the Extreme version. I've been wearing this fragrance for the past 4 days, and I cannot help but find this fragrance to be actually easier to wear than EN Sport . It is indeed most similar to EN Sport .

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