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Price wise they were comparable to other bids i got. It’s always sunny in LA, so why not put the sun to work for you? Switching to solar electricity in Los Angeles can help you reduce those soaring monthly energy bills. We know the price of living in LA is high, but you can offset the cost if you own your home by getting solar panels installed on your roof. The state of California has gotten behind solar energy in a big way.
So, I was quite satisfied with the way everybody conducted themselves.We put some money down and then we did the financing. There seemed to be enough options to accommodate us for what we needed. For the first couple of months, everything seems to be really well. The system is producing enough energy and it’s accomplishing everything that has been promised to us.

After waiting years for solar panels to become more efficient and affordable, i finally settled on Sunlux to set up solar for our newly renovated home after reading reviews and speaking with friends. I must say this decision for solar has been the best investment in my home i have ever made. Garrett, the customer service manager, responded to our questions and calls promptly and kept us informed during the whole process. He introduced us to the app that can monitor our daily, monthly and cumulative generating at the touch of our iPhones 24/7. We are now generating more electricity than we use and this will allow us expand our electricity needs in the future. The monthly cost of our solar loan is significantly less than our previous electrical bill and in several years we will be saving hundreds of dollars monthly.
This is to prevent utility workers from getting injured by solar panels sending power back to the grid. If the system is not connected to the grid, then it will be unaffected by any power outages. If solar installation is possible, then the installer will perform the necessary measurements for your roof and begin the installation process, which usually takes a few days. Since it takes place on your rooftop, there will not be much disruption to your daily life.

Using solar energy is great for the budget, as well! Solar energy solutions can lower your utility bill while maintaining efficient home power production. The average homeowner could save an estimated $19,000 within 20 years of their solar panel installation in Los Angeles. In addition to those long-term savings, there are federal and state tax credits available following proof of installation.
SunLux had the best reviews and one of the better prices. Customer service was amazing and they exceeded my expectations on everything. We love our solar and I would love to share with people my experience with SunLux. I was trying to make it home so I could meet the inspector. SunLux had sent somebody out and he pretty much waited there for the inspector. I didn't have to deal with the inspector at all and made it so easy for me.

Getting the solar panels set at the angle that provides as much energy as possible at a constant rate is the key to success in a solar powered home or business. LA tourism bustles year round, but the one thing you should make sure of is that your solar company is local to Los Angeles. This isn’t just a spiel about Los Angeles pride. It’s very important to hire a local solar contractor that has experience with Los Angeles’ unique solar and electric regulations. Los Angeles, California gets plenty of sunshine every year. It is a great natural resource and we have the technology to help you take full advantage of all those sunny days.
With the information you provide us, we’ll be able to connect you with local and trusted Los Angeles solar installers near you. After applying all applicable incentives, homeowners in Los Angeles should expect to pay about $11,000 dollars, which is almost HALF of the original quote. The average home owner with a 5KW system can expect to pay around $20,000 for the system BEFORE applying any rebates and tax breaks. Who doesn’t want to see a Dramatic reduction of electric bills? Reducing your energy bill by percent is quite the deal breaker for many individuals and businesses when considering solar electric systems. SunLux made this a lot easier than what we anticipated after reading all the other horror stories on other solar review sites.
It specializes in master tile solar installation and also offers roofing services like metal roofs and other types of architectural sheet metal work. We can also guide you through local government subsidies that may exist in your area and financing if you choose to spread payments over a period of time. Ultimately, there’s no better feeling than knowing that your home’s energy is coming from a renewable clean source, and not depending on the greater power grid to fulfill your everyday needs. Along with regular home energy, we can also install specialized solar power systems that can heat pools all year round. We have experience installing roof mount systems, ground mount systems, commercial as well as home solar, and off-grid systems for completely self-sustainable homes.

Everyone in their team has customer's first mentality. I can't stress how professional in every step of the way. Even after the system has installed, they still treat you like VIP. I will recommend Sunlux to anyone who wants solar panels for their homes. They are on par with AMAZON in terms of service and quality.
I believe the whole process took about 3 month from around late August to early November. We were supposed to get Solar from another provider, we signed everything but for more than 6 months, nothing happened. Our house was inspected within a week, a plan was set and within 3months, our system has been approved by the city and everything is done. However, after a few months, I hear from them again to update me on their new monitoring system and explain to me how everything is going. They dont stop after you pay, they are there to support you even after everything.
The thing you need to look for is a company that is honest about your situation. People who can tell you the pros and cons of several options that fit your home are a reliable choice. In Los Angeles, there’s a lot of competition to be the best solar company but finding the best solar company in LA, well, that’s a different story. Old-leaky roofs are one of the biggest causes of a high energy bill during the hot summer months. A new roof alone will greatly decrease your energy bill by keeping any unwanted air out. "Yes. Thorough sales presentation and timely evaluation prior to installation and then on time installation in less than seven hours. Reminder calls throughout the process."

For those with more demanding power needs, adding 12-volt batteries and connecting them in parallel will double the amount of time before the batteries are discharged. If your RV has the room, you may want to opt for 6-volt golf-cart batteries, connected in series to produce 12 volts. solar panel installation This setup can endure more deep discharges than a 12-volt RV/marine product and is popular with those who only operate their RVs through an inverter on battery power. Remember that parallel connection combines amps, not voltage, and series connection combines voltage, not amps.
If you’ve been thinking about saving money on your utilities by installing a solar panel system, reach out to SolarMax today. Give us a call or fill out our online form to request your free, on-site consultation with price estimate. As an engineering-based company, we value expertise, quality, and solutions. Our honest approach means that you’ll get up-to-date information and inside knowledge to help you make the right choice with your solar and roofing options. With our customer support team, we’re always available to assist you with any questions or concerns. A. If the solar system is connected to the electric grid, then it will be shut off by the power company during a blackout.

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